Index Africa: As the first and only Indexer node in Africa, Index Africa’s mission is to be both a world class indexing node while using the incredible innovations in web3 to educate and uplift a future generation of rural Africans to participate in the future crypto economy through its concept of Decentralise Philanthropy (DePhi).

Graphrica: Graphrica’s mission is to bridge web3 technologies with development talent across Africa and beyond. Graphrica exists to stimulate ideation and innovation with the African context and user adoption in mind. 

As the home of the Graph network in Africa, Graphrica’s vibrant discord community welcomes , advocates & trains developers in subgraph development and other web3 tools. Through a supportive community, ever evolving workshops and opportunities to earn through bounties, Graphrica is bridging the gap between talent, training and tooling.

Leopards NFT: Leopards NFT is a collection of single-edition art ETH tokens tied to famous wild leopards from the southern tip of Africa, with a portion of proceeds continuing their conservation and guardianship.

In an NFT first, each Protector Token is a profiled digital artwork connected directly to individual wild leopards, with rarity tied to their lineage, stories and unique traits, as designed and enforced by nature itself, with a portion of proceeds ensuring the protection of their habitat and thus, future supply.

Web3 Academy: The web3 Academy is an incubation hub for training, developing and incubating web3 talent for the expressed purpose of creating opportunities for graduates in rural communities in South Africa.

The focus is on providing long term web3 orientation to junior school learners through the Open Learning Academy as well as short term bridging opportunities to adults. The web3 academy is enabled through the Good Work Foundation, an NGO that has been creating access to digital education for rural South African students since 2005.